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Q: Do you have a Facebook page that I can Like?

A: Yes, we do! This is great way to keep up to date on the event: Like us on Facebook

Q: Can I register for the chili contests the day of the event?

A: Unfortunately, not. Registration ends 1 week prior to the event. Due to limited space, we suggest that you register as soon as you can. It is first come first serve, and we plan to SELL OUT. REGISTER TODAY

Q: Can I register for the cornhole tournament the day of the event?

A: Yes, BUT only if there are spots available. We would suggest that you PRE-REGISTER TODAY

Q: Can I enter multiple chili categories?

A: Yes! The more the better! There are 2 chili categories (homestyle and Traditional) that you can compete for. Each chili team will be automatically entered into the People’s Choice category.

Q: Can I make my chili at home?

A: No, that’s no fun! Homestyle and Traditional Chili (no beans or fillers), must be prepared on site. Please closely read the rules.

Q: How do I cook or heat my chili?

A: You need to bring your own stove, typically participants use propane camping stoves. We DO NOT allow open flames (i.e. charcoal BBQ pits)

Q: Are stoves, table, chairs or canopies provided?

A: No, you are required to bring all your own equipment. That includes all cooking supplies. You MUST bring a canopy for shade and a 6 ft long table with no more than 2 chairs. Make sure it fits into an 10X10 space.

Q: Can we use electricity?

A: Yes. It’s included for free with every registration if ordered. Please bring a heavy duty 100ft. extension and a heavy duty power strip.

Q: How do the “tastings” work?

A: We will provide enough 1 oz. cups, small spoons for each team at the chef’s meeting. Anyone that wants to try or “taste” your chili, will you show you their wristband (NO wristband, no tasting). In return you will give them a 1 oz cup filled with your chili. All wristbands can be purchased at the main registration tent.

Q: How is the People’s Choice Chili judged?

A: It is based on the number of tokens that you collect in the team-specific and labeled jar that we provide each team. At 2:30pm the official counting will begin. A volunteer assigned to this important task will come to your booth to pick up your jar. The one with the most tokens wins! So, the more chili you give out the more tokens you can receive. We are offering trophies for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place.

Q: How is the Homestyle Chili judged?

A: This is judged by a panel of experts. Please read the rules, it specifically goes over what they look for.

Q: How is the Traditional Chili judged?

A: This is judged by a panel of experts. Please read the rules, it specifically goes over what they look for.

Q: What size is the Chili booth?

A: 10×10 area  (certain sponsorship levels receive two and three 10×10 spaces) For more information, please go to our “Become a Sponsor” page.

Q: Do I have to compete in the chili cook off to have a booth?

A: If you are registered as a “chili cook off sponsor”, then yes. Because people are coming to the event to try chili, we prefer vendors to compete in the competition to help us raise money, not for product sales. However, if you register as one of the $400 or above sponsors, you are NOT required to cook chili, but it would attract more attention to your booth/tent if you decided to.

Q: Can we sell products, food and/or drinks at our booth to help raise money for the cause?

A: Yes, you can sell products, food, desserts and/or NON alcoholic drinks to help raise money for the Team Fundraising competition.

Q: Can we give out promos to the attendees while at our booth?

A: Absolutely! We also suggest doing a raffle of your own to help your team raise funds for the cause. Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams at the 3pm ceremony.

Q: Can we decorate our booth?

A: Yes! We encourage it!! We will be giving out awards at the ceremony for the best decorated booths. Also, this is a great way to get your Company or Chili noticed. You can tape, staple or nail your banners and decorations to the booth.

Q: What time is set-up?

A: The cooking teams show up at 7am due to their strict cooking start time of 8:30am. The public will start showing up by 11am as this is when chili distribution begins. If you are NOT cooking, it is suggested that you arrive by 9am just to be safe, but you’re welcome to arrive earlier.

Q: Are there any special parking or unloading instructions?

A: You can park anywhere you’d like around the park, but spaces are limited. There is also a huge open space about 50 yards from the park where plenty cars can fit. Driving on the actual park is NOT ALLOWED. The walk from your car to your spot is not far. (see attached arial view of the park- the side walk is where the vendors will be)

Q: Will there be a raffle or silent auction at the event?

A: We will have 50/50 raffle, but not a silent auction. There is a chili team & vendor fundraising competition where we award 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners with trophies at the 3pm awards ceremony. Some vendors raise funds through their own raffle, which we can assist with during the awards ceremony, and others sell food, non-alcoholic beverages or their products to help raise money for their team. On average, each team usually raises an additional $50-$200 for the cause.