Fundraiser Chili Cook-Off

Creating hype and excitement for your forthcoming fundraiser is one of the best ways to raise a lot of money, and competition is a terrific way to achieve so. Create a competition that your group, school, church, team, and community can participate in. A chili cook-off fundraiser is a great way to get people’s competitive instincts going.

Set a date for your chili cook-off and some criteria first. You can make any regulations you wish, and you should give your group members enough time to spread the word about the cook-off to as many people as possible. However, you don’t want to inform folks so far ahead of time that they forget. About 2-4 weeks’ notice is a fair amount of time to market your fundraising.

Then, as a group, make posters, flyers, or whatever else your members can think of to promote excitement and competitive spirit. Going to a local newspaper to write a piece on the upcoming tournament would be fantastic. You’ll want to charge a low price for tickets to the cook-off. You might also encourage local businesses to sponsor different entrants in the competition by paying an entrance fee for the cook-off competitor to raise revenue. Make enough chili for 12-16 hungry individuals for each cook contestant.

Chili Cook Off 2019 — Jesus Rocks The Redwoods

Take the initiative and recruit a few volunteers to be the first to register for the competition. Another option is to seek donations from local businesses for a raffle or silent auction at the cook-off fundraiser. In exchange for their assistance, you might offer to put their name or brand on your flyers and posters. Remind them that well-fed and competitively excited people will attend your event, so it’s a beautiful opportunity for them to support you and gain visibility.

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